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Installation best practices, design considerations, safety information and more from the experts behind the most specified nonmetallic fire sprinkler system in the world.

Michelle Knight

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Chemical Compatibility  |  Installation

Using Spray Polyurethane Foam With BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPUF) has been used successfully with BlazeMaster® pipe and fitting systems for more than 20 years, primarily in the attics and walls of single-family homes that have fire sprinklers. SPUF is an increasingly popular insulation that enhances energy efficiency and improves comfort in the home. When installing SPUF around CPVC pipe and fittings, it’s important to use proper installation techniques to prevent issues related to chemical compatibility and heat generated during application. Here are best practices to ensure your project is a success.

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Why Is BlazeMaster® Flame Resistant?

It’s widely known that resistance to heat and flame is a primary advantage of CPVC over other thermoplastics. BlazeMaster maintains its structure and continues to hold internal water pressure when directly exposed to a flame to ensure sprinkler water will reach and extinguish a fire. But did you ever wonder why BlazeMaster has these qualities? Let’s explore some of the science on this important topic.

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CPVC vs Steel Which is most cost effective

Cost-Savings Report

Discover how to save time and money with the right fire sprinkler system.

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Blazemaster CPVC  |  CPVC  |  Chemical Compatibility  |  FBC System Compatible  |  blazemaster fire protection systems  |  cpvc fire sprinkler systems  |  fire sprinkler systems

Nine Things to Know About Chemical Compatibility with CPVC

Ensuring chemical compatibility is a top concern for everyone that deals with CPVC sprinkler systems – installers, contractors, designers and building owners. Just as water causes steel pipe to rust, some materials may impact the longevity of CPVC. To ensure a fire protection system works as planned over its full lifespan, BlazeMaster® CPVC must be used in conjunction with compatible ancillary products such as thread sealants, gaskets, lubricants and firestop materials.

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BlazeMaster vs. Generic  |  Blazemaster CPVC  |  CPVC  |  Chemical Compatibility  |  Installation  |  blazemaster fire protection systems  |  cpvc fire sprinkler systems  |  fire sprinkler installation  |  fire sprinkler systems

CSI for CPVC: Science, Technology Drive Our Failure Analysis Lab

BlazeMaster® CPVC is designed for decades of reliable use in fire protection systems around the world. But when issues occur in the field, we want to know exactly what went wrong so we can help our customers prevent problems in the future. It’s a value-added service that also helps our customers know the facts so they can respond to any claims that may arise from a leak or other failure.

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BlazeMaster vs. Generic  |  Chemical Compatibility

Failure Analysis Testing: Identifying Field Issues

One of the value-added services that BlazeMaster® CPVC offers is that of failure analysis. We recognize that there are occasional issues in the field. It is in everyone’s best interest that the root cause of the problem be determined to help prevent it from re-occurring.

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