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Fast, Easy and Reliable CPVC Installation

BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Protection pipe and fittings are lightweight, flexible and join together using a quick, one-step solvent cement process. When compared to metal systems, this enables building owners and contractors to save time, limit costs, and avoid unnecessary occupant disruptions.


Installation Advantages of BlazeMaster® CPVC

BlazeMaster CPVC pipes and fittings are easy to work with and allow for flexibility during the installation process. Specifically, BlazeMaster CPVC is:

  • Simple to use: Install BlazeMaster CPVC without specialized tools, electricity and highly skilled labor.
  • Lightweight: Speed up installation while reducing man-hours. One man teams can transport and install CPVC pipe without support or specialized equipment.
  • Easy to cut and fabricate: Eliminate the need for prefabrication, and allow for on-the-spot adjustments.
  • Versatile: Attach the pipe directly to a ceiling or wall, and install it in concealed or exposed locations.
  • Flexible: Easily maneuver CPVC pipe through tight hallways, and install in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Limit disruptions: Avoid using loud threading machines and limit unnecessary occupant disruptions.
  • Safer: No torches or heat fusion is required, which creates a safer job site and eliminates the need for costly hot-work permits.


Where Can BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems Be Installed?

BlazeMaster CPVC is approved for use in all light hazard occupancies, as defined and listed in LPCB’s red book Volume 1 “List of Approved Products and Services,” and by NFPA 13 regardless of the height of the building. These versatile fire protection systems have been successfully installed in a variety of situations: 

  • Concealed or exposed installations
  • Pendent, sidewall or upright sprinklers
  • Unfinished Basements
  • Combustible Concealed Installations
  • Residential Dry Pipe Systems
  • Attic Spaces
  • Air Plenums
  • Garage Installations
  • System Risers
  • Underground water pressure service

BlazeMaster pipe and fittings are not listed for exposed, outdoor installations.


One-Step, Solvent Cement Welding

Solvent cement welding is the preferred BlazeMaster CPVC installation method. Often incorrectly referred to as glue, solvent cement fuses the CPVC pipe and fitting together at the molecular level, essentially creating one continuous piece of material.

If properly installed, the joint becomes the thickest and often strongest point on the system.


Simple Modifications and Repairs

At times it may be necessary to modify or repair an existing CPVC fire sprinkler systems. With BlazeMaster pipe and fittings, updates are made quickly and effectively by any contractor with CPVC piping experience or training.

By following the proper procedure outlined in our Installation Manual (contact us for a copy), a BlazeMaster CPVC update can be applied and tested far quicker than other materials. This limits unnecessary downtime, and gets your fire protection system back into operation faster.


Free Online Installation Training Guide

BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems offers a Free Online Installation Training Program for those interested in learning the basics of CPVC piping installation. Work through our training modules at your own pace, learn detailed best practices and test your knowledge. Upon completion, and at Lubrizol’s discretion, you will be awarded a BlazeMaster online installation training card and certificate.

BlazeMaster Free Online Installation Training Program


RIBA CPD Fire Sprinkler System Seminar

For specifiers and architects interested in the essential guidelines of incorporating a BlazeMaster CPVC fire protection system into new builds or retrofits, book the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) continuing professional development (CPD) seminar titled, “The Impact of CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems in Architectural Design.” Learn what CPVC is, key UK fire statistics, fire sprinkler system approvals and standards, how CPVC systems compare to steel systems, and more. 

Book Your RIBA CPD Seminar

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Want to Learn More About Industrial CPVC?

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Want to Learn More About Industrial CPVC?

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