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3 Reasons to Choose BlazeMaster for Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

By: Lainey Liotta on May 25th, 2022

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3 Reasons to Choose BlazeMaster for Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

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When planning to add or replace a fire sprinkler system to an existing building, your upfront decisions in choosing materials will have a big impact on the cost, timeframe, impact on tenants, and long-term success of the project. BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems offers many advantages that can ensure you keep your customer happy.

 Contrary to popular misconceptions, BlazeMaster fire sprinklers systems are approved for use in residential and any light hazard project as defined by NFPA 13, which , including a wide range of commercial structures. That means BlazeMaster pipe and fittings are the right choice for everything from high-rise office towers, hospitals and schools to single-family homes and multi-family dwellings.

Here's a quick look at three key reasons to specify BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems for any light hazard retrofit.

Save Money on Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

Overall, BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems deliver a significant cost advantage over steel pipe – up to 30% – depending on the type of structure and quantity of material required. You’ll save on materials because designers can typically specify smaller diameter pipe while ensuring the same level of flow because BlazeMaster pipe and fittings offer smoother pipe surfaces and superior hydraulics compared to steel.

BlazeMaster pipe and fittings can be installed quickly by trained personnel, which means labor costs are lower than steel. BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are 84% lighter than steel and flexible enough to fit into tight spaces with ease. There’s no need for large crews and costly equipment that are needed to move heavy steel pipe around a jobsite. The one-step solvent cement process for joining BlazeMaster pipe and fittings simplifies the installation process.

For example, switching from steel to BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems for an office retrofit reduced labor costs by 35%, because the flexible pipe and fittings were easier to fit into trusses. The labor efficiencies saved the building owner $21,000.

You’ll also save on installation tools. BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are installed using basic hand tools. By comparison, retrofitting with steel pipe requires a power source, open-flame torches, pipe wrenches, threading machines and more. This equipment is costly to purchase or rent – and to replace if they are lost or stolen on a jobsite.

Limit Disruption for Building Occupants

The installation process for BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems is faster, cleaner and quieter than installing steel pipe, which makes it less disruptive to building occupants. For instance, a large school system in Florida completed a district-wide retrofit comprised of 13 campuses, each with about 10 buildings. The contractor was able to complete the project, meeting tight deadlines without disrupting school activities – a challenge given they are essentially always open.

BlazeMaster pipe and fitting system have also streamlined retrofits in residence halls, high-rise apartment buildings, single-family homes, and many others.

Reduce Long-term Maintenance Costs

In considering metallic piping systems, it’s important to remember that corrosion can start as soon as two years after installation. Water, water treatment chemicals, and oxygen combine to create pinhole leaks resulting in ever-increasing repair costs. Steel pipe is also prone to scaling – mineral buildup near fittings and corners. Scaling can limit the flow the water or even prevent it entirely.

Unlike steel, BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems naturally resist corrosion and scaling. It’s just not an issue. That’s a big advantage over time when you consider that, when properly installed according to specifications, BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems can deliver 50+ years of dependable protection.

Learn More About Retrofit Advantages of BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems

This is a quick look at three primary advantages of choosing BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems for any light hazard retrofit. You can learn more by downloading Retrofits With BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems, which tells the full story.

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