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Protect Your Reputation By Choosing BlazeMaster® CPVC

By: Lainey Liotta on January 7th, 2020

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Protect Your Reputation By Choosing BlazeMaster® CPVC

BlazeMaster vs. Steel  |  BlazeMaster vs. Generic

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to protect lives and property. But for building owners and contractors, the system must also protect your reputation from risks ranging from leaks and malfunctions to disruptions for occupants.

Building owners and contractors around the world have put their trust in BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems over steel piping and other nonmetallic materials. Here are five key reasons BlazeMaster CPVC can preserve your reputation with tenants, fire professionals, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and other key stakeholders.  


1. Fully Recognized Industry Leadership

You’re known by the company you keep. That’s why choosing the industry leader is always a smart move for protecting your reputation. BlazeMaster CPVC was the first plastic material introduced in the fire sprinkler market more than 30 years ago, and today it is the most specified nonmetallic fire sprinkler piping system in the world. A key reason: BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings meet – and exceed – global performance and manufacturing standards for CPVC piping systems.


2. Resistance to Corrosion and Scaling

With steel piping, corrosion occurs when pH levels are too low. Pinhole leaks can open in less than two years, which can lead to costly repairs or even system failure. Scaling, on the other hand, occurs when pH levels are too high, causing minerals to build up in the pipes. This constricts the water flow, resulting in low pressure or clogs.

These issues create the potential for costly repairs that can be disruptive for building occupants – or for system malfunctions should a fire strike. By contrast, BlazeMaster CPVC will never corrode or scale, enhancing your reputation by ensuring dependable performance for 50 years or longer.


3. Superior Strength and Durability

BlazeMaster CPVC is engineered to exceed ASTM International standards for strength. In addition, BlazeMaster pipe and fittings are designed with an impact strength at least three times greater than the base requirement.

In a head-to-head matchup conducted by an independent laboratory, BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems outperformed a CPVC competitor in burst and impact resistance testing. This translates to superior dependability – a key factor in building and maintaining trust with your stakeholders.


4. In-Depth Chemical Compatibility Testing

It’s essential to know how CPVC piping will interact with the chemistry of ancillary products such as firestop products, thread sealers, lubricants and more. BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems, as part of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, developed the industry-leading FBCTM System Compatible Program, which makes it easy to select the right products backed by rigorous third-party evaluation. Only BlazeMaster CPVC offers this level of in-depth testing so you won’t need to worry about expensive, reputation-damaging system failures due to chemical compatibility issues.


5. Leadership in Environmental Responsibility

Compliance with environmental best practices is often essential to protecting your reputation in today’s marketplace. CPVC is much less harmful to produce and has half the climate change impact compared to steel. BlazeMaster CPVC was the first product in the industry to authorize a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its pipe and fittings. To date, BlazeMaster CPVC is the only brand of fire protection systems in the industry to conduct such a study.

Based on these five factors, BlazeMaster CPVC is the right choice for keeping occupants safe – and safeguarding your hard-earned reputation.

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