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30-Year-Old BlazeMaster® CPVC Exceeds ASTM Requirements by 60 Percent

By: Mark Knurek on May 28th, 2019

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30-Year-Old BlazeMaster® CPVC Exceeds ASTM Requirements by 60 Percent

BlazeMaster vs. Generic

A 2018 renovation at Lubrizol Advanced Materials’ PM Building in Brecksville, Ohio provided a unique opportunity to examine and test BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Protection Systems pipe that had been in service for nearly 30 years.

While the 6,000 square foot project focused on updating the facility in a manner that was both aesthetically pleasing and met the requirements of the American Disabilities Act, we couldn’t help but take advantage of what truly was a “BlazeMaster CPVC time capsule.” So, when the general contractor, Lorig Mechanical, began the job of updating the fire protection system with new materials, we carefully examined the system that had served us so long and so well.


Great Results for 30 Years Behind Steel Joist Construction

As existing BlazeMaster CPVC piping was removed for retrofit installation of new materials, we were pleased to see that the original BlazeMaster CPVC was in excellent condition.

Of course, annual tests since installation would not have led us to believe anything different. So, we decided to put the BlazeMaster CPVC that had been under water pressure for nearly 30 years to the true test – could it still meet the 1,000 psi requirement per the ASTM F442 burst testing standard?

It not only met that standard – the 30-year-old pipe exceeded it by 60 percent, testing at 1,600 psi before failure. The results virtually match that of published testing results for BlazeMaster CPVC for the highest pressure rating as compared to competitive CPVC product for 1” pipe.

BlazeMaster CPVC pipe also outscores the competition in impact resistance testing as well, delivering an impact test rating of 41.4 ft-lbs. per the ASTM D2444 standard.


Delivering Reliability, Year After Year

It really should be no surprise that the 30-year-old pipe performed beyond specifications. BlazeMaster CPVC is designed to a 50-year service life with a safety factor of two.

Differences in manufacturing, material science and chemical processing from that of other CPVC manufacturers have allowed BlazeMaster CPVC to become the most specified brand in the industry. BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems also offer superior flow characteristics for better hydraulic design and resists corrosion as opposed to steel systems.

We look forward to 30 years – and more – of fire safety from the new BlazeMaster CPVC fire protection system installed in our office building.

And stay tuned for an updated story – in perhaps 30 years or so.

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