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Unmatched Support Makes BlazeMaster® CPVC the Trusted Choice for Fire Protection Systems

By: Lainey Liotta on July 7th, 2020

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Unmatched Support Makes BlazeMaster® CPVC the Trusted Choice for Fire Protection Systems

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BlazeMaster® CPVC offers the best products available for fire protection systems, offering significant advantages over steel and superior performance compared to other CPVC products. But beyond quality materials, BlazeMaster CPVC also offers a level of expertise and support that is unmatched in the industry. We have the resources to support everyone from manufacturers and distributors to fire officials, contractors and installers.

Our expertise starts with deep experience in the fire protection industry. Key members have worked in roles such as Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) as well as on the front lines of plumbing and sprinkler installation. We serve on NFPA technical committees, so we know the details about regulations and best practices.

Supporting Successful Installations

For our territory managers and team of more than 20 Piping Systems Consultants, the primary day-to-day mission is helping customers and stakeholders understand BlazeMaster CPVC capabilities and applications.

It’s not about selling – it’s about creating more effective installations. A smooth installation is good for everyone, so we want to ensure everyone involved is prepared for success. We can help explain listings, conduct site visits and help contractors find solutions.

For example, a contractor may be trying to understand the best way to install a fire protection system in a theater’s curved hallway. Installing steel pipe would require numerous connections to navigate the curve, creating many points for potential failure. Our team can help the contractor understand the design capabilities of BlazeMaster CPVC and flex a 20-foot length of BlazeMaster CPVC to handle the curve while meeting requirements.

Training and support is a never-ending commitment to ensure everyone who touches the product understands where and how BlazeMaster CPVC should be used – and where it shouldn’t. This includes:

  • Installer training. BlazeMaster CPVC installers need to renew their training every two years, which can be completed online and at three-hour sessions typically hosted by distributors. In response to social distancing measures related to COVID-19, BlazeMaster launched an expanded live online training program in spring 2020.
  • Contractor and distributor training. The BlazeMaster CPVC team provides face-to-face trainings for larger contractors as well as distributors that typically work with numerous medium- and small-sized contractors and installers.
  • Special trainings for fire protection professionals. The BlazeMaster team offers frequent sessions wherever needed to educate AHJs and local fire and building officials.
  • Support for building owners. Our team works directly with building owners to ensure they understand the product and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Installer safety talks. The BlazeMaster CPVC often visits installation sites to talk about best practices, such as how to safely cut joints.

Knowing the Chemistry

Our expertise extends to industry leadership through the FBC™ System Compatible Program that helps ensure BlazeMaster CPVC will perform with ancillary products such as thread sealers, lubricants and firestop products. This gives everyone involved in the project – the contractor, specifying engineer, building owner, AHJ and local fire officials – full confidence in the integrity of the installation.

If there are issues in the field, we offer failure analysis testing. A product manufacturer sends us sections of pipe along with information about materials that may have been in contact with it, such as insulation, wiring or chemicals. We conduct physical examinations and chemical testing to drill down to the root causes of the issue.

Together, all these resources add up to our commitment to partnership and the success of everyone who makes, uses or inspects our products. Supporting effective installations is about much more than the resins and chlorine in BlazeMaster CPVC. It’s about the relationships we forge with everyone involved in the process of keeping people safe through effective fire protection systems.


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