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SuperHero Fire Protection Prefers to Install BlazeMasterⓇ Fire Protection Systems

By: Mark Knurek on March 5th, 2019

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SuperHero Fire Protection Prefers to Install BlazeMasterⓇ Fire Protection Systems

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Since its inception in 2012, Atlanta-based SuperHero Fire Protection has relied exclusively on BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems to protect its customers and their residences. The full-service fire protection contractor mainly services residential properties such as single-family homes, townhomes, high-rise buildings and multi-family apartment complexes, where they face tight construction deadlines.

By relying on BlazeMaster CPVC, SuperHero Fire Protection meets deadlines not possible with steel systems.


Why SuperHero Fire Protection Chooses BlazeMaster CPVC

SuperHero Fire Protection wanted to choose one provider for all parts of the fire sprinkler systems they install to streamline their process and ensure compatibility, as opposed to mixing and matching various components from different manufacturers. The company has always relied on BlazeMaster CPVC pipes and fittings through partner manufacturer Tyco for the ease of installation. Tyco fittings are easier to install due to the depth of the sockets, which, for the SuperHero team’s specific installation method, allows for a smoother, more efficient installation.

The manufacturers of BlazeMaster pipe and fittings stand behind their product, which is important to SuperHero Fire Protection. This confidence is due in part to BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems’ quality assurance program, which ensures that the products their partner manufacturers sell meet specific consistency and quality standards. Additionally, BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems has secured more listings than any other non-metallic pipe in the industry, so the product can be used in more applications.

“We’ve always thought BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems had a superior product due to its compatibility and the research they do,” said Don Mackey, President and CEO of SuperHero Fire Protection. “We feel like BlazeMaster CPVC is the best product, and the other guys are following behind.”


The Difference in Service From BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems

“We feel like we have a personal connection at BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems and we always have someone we can call to get assistance,” said Mackey.

On one project, SuperHero Fire Protection installed a fire sprinkler system in a building, then the builder sprayed mold remediation chemicals, resulting in a compatibility concern. A representative from the BlazeMaster fire protection team went to the site and facilitated a conversation between all parties involved with the project, determined if there were compatibility concerns, and recommended proper action.

The experts at BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems are open about both the advantages and the limitations of the piping so that customers can receive the most reliable product.


Business Impacts for SuperHero Fire Protection

“In all the years we’ve used BlazeMaster CPVC, we’ve never had a major issue related to compatibility, failure, etcetera,” said Mackey.

BlazeMaster pipe and fittings are reliable, easy to install and provide significant material and labor cost savings.

In today’s global market, where the prices of metallic systems, particularly steel, are rising and unstable, a BlazeMaster CPVC piping system offers stability and savings. The affordability of the BlazeMaster fire protection system helps SuperHero Fire Protection win bids, even for projects that originally specified steel.

To learn more about using BlazeMaster CPVC for your next fire sprinkler installation or retrofit project, contact a piping system consultant today.

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