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BlazeMaster® CPVC

By: Sean Pearce on October 22nd, 2019

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BlazeMaster® CPVC's New Embedded In Concrete Listing Offers You A Competitive Advantage

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Fire sprinkler system installers who are looking for a competitive edge have a unique opportunity when using BlazeMaster® CPVC pipe and fittings. As concrete is used as a building material for ceilings and walls in office buildings, schools, apartments, health care facilities and even private homes, it’s good to know that BlazeMaster CPVC has a unique Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) listing for embedding in concrete.

Not only does embedding CPVC within a concrete ceiling hide the fire sprinkler system within the ceiling for an aesthetic benefit, but it also eliminates the costs associated with drop ceilings and – when steel pipe is used – fire sprinkler system hangers.


Fully Compatible

Direct contact of any type with concrete creates no adverse chemical effects on BlazeMaster CPVC. No reports of incompatibility with either concrete of chemicals mixed with concrete and BlazeMaster CPVC have been registered.

The pipe and fittings may be installed in precast or site-poured ceilings, walls or decks. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specific installation instruction regarding issues such as upsizing hangers to avoid pipe stress when installed on flat surfaces.

Here, for example, are installation instructions from Tyco, one of the quality manufacturers of BlazeMaster pipe.

As with any fire piping system installation, caution is required. Concrete is an abrasive substance, so it is best to install CPVC through openings in concrete to prevent possible rubbing as the system expands or shifts over time. It is also wise to ensure that pipe is not damaged with the implements used as concrete is poured and finished. 


Advantages Over Steel Pipe-Based Systems

The advantages of BlazeMaster CPVC over steel pipe-based fire sprinkler systems are well known in terms of lower initial costs, simpler and less expensive installation, and reduced required maintenance over the life of the system.

Embedding BlazeMaster CPVC fire sprinkler pipe in concrete adds even more benefits, such as Improved hydraulics, interior finishing savings and many others. These solvent cemented joint systems may be installed directly into concrete ceilings, while steel-based systems use threaded pipe and screw fittings and require split ring ceiling hangers, limiting the finished ceiling height. BlazeMaster CPVC simplifies installation, lowers the costs and offers ceiling height flexibility.

Do you have a question regarding embedding BlazeMaster CPVC in concrete? Please remember, technical support is just a click away.

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