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Delivering the highest quality CPVC fire systems by partnering with Leading Manufactures

Partner Manufacturers

BlazeMaster® CPVC compound is exclusively engineered and produced by Lubrizol Advanced Materials and then extruded and molded into pipe and fittings by our partner manufacturers.


Why BlazeMaster CPVC Outperforms the Competition 

Each of our partner manufacturers are selected because of their proven track record of quality and production capabilities. In addition, each partner is required by Lubrizol to satisfy BlazeMasters’ Quality Assurance Program, ensuring that BlazeMaster is the highest quality pipe and fitting system of its kind.


Where to Buy BlazeMaster CPVC

The following partner manufacturers ensure you can easily get access to BlazeMaster pipe and fittings anywhere around the globe. Contact one of our manufacturing partners for further purchasing assistance.


BlazeMaster partner manufacturer Tyco
BlazeMaster Partner Viking
BlazeMaster Partner IPEX

Where to Buy BlazeMaster® Caulk + Walk® Pro

BlazeMaster® Caulk + Walk® Pro is made exclusively by Specified Technologies Inc. For more information on BlazeMaster® Caulk + Walk Pro please visit their Website.

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CPVC vs Steel: Which is More Cost Effective?

This 2018 cost-saving report will give you insight into previous installations, illustrating how installers have saved time and money with CPVC systems.

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