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ASPE Accredited CEU Training

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Meeting the Continuing Education Needs of Engineers

Lubrizol is committed to helping plumbing engineers and designers meet their ongoing educational requirements by offering dynamic and interesting CEU courses, accredited through ASPE. Worth one state PDH or 0.1 CEU, each course provides valuable insight into trends and technologies impacting the plumbing industry.

Our ASPE-accredited CEU courses are currently only available within the United States and Canada. As we expand the program, additional country and regional availability will be noted here.


CEU Course Descriptions

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems in Commercial Applications
This course is worth 0.1 CEU or 1 PDH
This course explains how CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems can be installed in Commercial Buildings including listings & approvals, advantages over steel systems and installation information.

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems
This course is worth 0.1 CEU or 1 PDH
This course covers the codes, standards and listings necessary for CPVC fire sprinkler systems. The course also reviews the types of fire sprinkler systems in which CPVC pipe and fittings may be used. Attendees will also review the design parameters and installation principles unique to CPVC fire sprinkler systems.

Introduction to CPVC Piping Systems
This course is worth 0.1 CEU or 1 PDH
This course provides an introductory overview of CPVC technology ranging from the chemical properties of the materials to the environmental performance of CPVC pipe and fittings. Attendees will learn the general design parameters of CPVC systems and review the applicable codes and standards which can be used to specify CPVC for various applications.

The Science of Solvent Welding
This course is worth 0.1 CEU or 1 PDH
This course explains how solvent welding works, the factors that can affect proper specification and application of solvent cements, and the fundamental differences between a solvent weld and a glued joint.


CEU Course Instructors

Our experienced, ASPE-approved CEU course instructors are full-time Lubrizol employees that stay on top of the changing industries to bring you the best, most up-to-date training during every accredited session. Each of our instructors has more than a decade of industry experience, and an extensive knowledge of each Lubrizol CPVC product line and of the plumbing, fire sprinkler and industrial piping industries.

In addition to highly structured presentations and training, we constantly monitor and seek feedback on the effectiveness of our instructors and our courses to deliver the most current content from the most qualified individuals.

To sign-up for our course offerings, please fill out the form on the right to be contacted by one of our ASPE-certified course instructors.

California Certified Fire Sprinkler Fitters please visit here for more information about California State Fire Marshal approved CEU training courses and training dates.