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Viking InstaSeal® Sprinkler Head Adapters with BlazeMaster® CPVC: Fast Installs

By: Lainey Liotta on February 4th, 2020

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Viking InstaSeal® Sprinkler Head Adapters with BlazeMaster®  CPVC: Fast Installs

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Viking announces its new line of InstaSeal® Sprinkler Head Adapters manufactured with BlazeMaster® CPVC, designed to speed installation with no need for thread tape or sealant. The adapters’ full brass thread inserts prevent the potential for cross-threading while providing a tight seal every time via its EPDM seat.

For use with sprinklers having a K-factor of 5.8 or less, the InstaSeal adapter makes final sprinkler positioning adjustable, simplifying pendent or horizontal sidewall sprinkler alignment.


Installation Made Easy

The InstaSeal adapter saves time on the job by eliminating the need to thread-wrap or add sealant to sprinkler heads. Installation instructions are simple:

  1. Hand tighten until the sprinkler head makes contact with the adapter’s rubber seat.
  2. Tighten with an additional ½ to 1¼ turn by hand or with the recommended wrench to complete the installation.

Gasket replacement is simple, using a tool specially designed for InstaSeal adapters. When replacing a sprinkler head on a system that's been in use for over 6 months, Viking recommends replacing the gasket of the SHA for that specific sprinkler head to ensure system integrity.


In-stock Today… And There’s More to Come!

InstaSeal adapters are in stock and available at Viking SupplyNet and several select distributors. Current availability includes:

  • ¾ ” x ½” slip x thread and spigot x thread
  • 1” x ½” slip x thread and spigot x thread

More adapters will be available later this year.

Viking offers three unique sprinkler head adapters, offering flexible options for unique fire protection challenges.

Click here to learn more about Viking’s new InstaSeal adapters.  


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