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Science. Service. Safety. What BlazeMaster® CPVC Is All About

By: Lainey Liotta on March 3rd, 2021

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Science. Service. Safety. What BlazeMaster® CPVC Is All About

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We recently introduced a new descriptor line that reflects what we offer to the global fire protection industryDeveloping the message was a good opportunity to reflect on the core mission of BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems. We looked at a number of options and finally decided that three simple words sum up who we are: science, service and safety. Let’s take a few minutes to unpack what those words mean to us. 


Our expertise in chemistry, materials engineering and other fields ensures BlazeMaster CPVC leads the industry. Our commitment to innovation started with the invention of CPVC by the specialty chemicals team at BFGoodrich, which later became part of Lubrizol Advanced Materials. Initially, CPVC was a singleone-size-fits-all product – until our scientists developed compounds tailored to specific applications, such as providing the strength to support the high water pressures required in fire sprinkler systems – hence the birth of BlazeMaster. 

Our commitment to science is also reflected in our FBC™ System Compatible program that ensures BlazeMaster CPVC will perform with ancillary products such as thread sealers, lubricants and fire-stop products. This exclusive program removes any guesswork to eliminate chemical compatibility concerns. As a result, everyone involved can trust the integrity of a project. 

At our failure analysis test lab, experts in chemistry and engineering solve complex mysteries in the rare cases when problems with CPVC occur. This team uses a variety of advanced technologies, such as microscopes that can magnify to 200x and render 3D images, to get to root causes for pipe failure. When issues occur, we want to know exactly what went wrong, and this value-added service for our customers provides the answers.


BlazeMaster CPVC delivers an unmatched level of expertise and support. We have the resources to ensure the success of everyone involved in a fire sprinkler project, including manufacturers, distributorsfire officials, builders, designers and installers.  

Our territory managers and team of nearly 30 Piping Systems Consultants spend every day helping customers efficiently and effectively design and install BlazeMaster CPVCThe goal is not selling – it’s about supporting successful projects and creating a safer world for all.  

Our training programs ensure stakeholders know the right – and wrong – ways to use BlazeMaster CPVC. We offer training for installers, contractors, distributors, engineers and other fire protection professionals to keep everyone up to date on best practices.  

We know successful installations are about more than the high quality of BlazeMaster CPVC. By delivering great service, we build relationships with all stakeholders to help projects go smoothly. 


We set the standard for keeping people and property safe – that’s why BlazeMaster CPVC is the most-specified fire sprinkler pipe and fitting system of its type in the world. Not only are BlazeMaster pipe and fittings UL-listed and FM approved, they also go above and beyond to deliver three key safety advantages: 

  • Flame resistance. BlazeMaster CPVC retains its structure and water pressure when exposed to a flame, so the sprinkler system does what it’s supposed to do: extinguish a fire. BlazeMaster CPVC forms a charring layer on the outside of the pipe that provides a thermal barrier to reduce heat conduction.  
  • Hydraulic performance. The smooth surface of BlazeMaster pipe ensures water reaches a fire to extinguish it. With rougher pipe surfaces, more energy is needed to pump the water through the system. This is another advantage over steel, which develops a rough surface as the pipe begins to corrode or scale. 
  • Corrosion resistance. Steel pipe is plagued by corrosion and scaling, which can result in leaks and slower water flows that can compromise the performance and effectiveness of the sprinkler system. BlazeMaster CPVC resists corrosion and scaling over the life of the system, even in salt air environments, providing building owners peace of mind. 

Bringing It All Together 

We’re excited about our new descriptor line because it provides a simple statement about why BlazeMaster CPVC is the industry leader.  

  • Science ensures we deliver the best materials available  – and keeps us at the forefront of product innovation.  
  • Service means we provide the training and support to ensure that all stakeholders have what’s needed for success.  
  • Safety means we deliver the reliable performance that protects people and property around the world. 

These three words sum up why BlazeMaster CPVC is the right choice for your next project. Get in touch today!


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