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Five Reasons it is Important to Choose the Right Orange in CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems

By: Mark Knurek on June 4th, 2019

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Five Reasons it is Important to Choose the Right Orange in CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems

BlazeMaster vs. Generic  |  Chemical Compatibility

For more than 30 years CPVC has been the material of choice for many fire protection systems worldwide, with advantages over steel such as lower initial cost, ease and safety of installation, and a lower cost of ownership that includes better flow rates and reduced maintenance.

But it’s a fact – not all orange CPVC fire protection piping is the same. Differences in manufacturing, material science and chemical processing among CPVC brands means performance and reliability variables. Why is that important? Because when there is an emergency, the quality of the CPVC piping in the fire sprinkler system can make all the difference.

Here are five reasons to choose the right orange piping – BlazeMaster® CPVC – over generic competitors.


We’re Known by the Company We Keep

1. Our manufacturing partners have a proven track record of producing the highest quality materials and fully comply with BlazeMaster CPVC’s Quality Assurance Program. That means that wherever BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings are sold, you’re assured of consistent quality and reliability.

2. BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems carry the markings of the best known names in fire safety industry: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL & C-UL) and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC); Factory Mutual (FM) as manufactured by Johnson Controls Inc./Tyco, Viking, GF Harvel, IPEX, Durman and Mexichem Brasil; The Loss Prevention Council Board (LPCB); vertrauen durch Sicherheit (VdS); Tianjin Fire Research Institute (TFRI) and the NSF International (NSF) for use with potable water. Individual manufacturers’ installation instructions can provide specific listings and approval.

3. BlazeMaster CPVC outperforms the competition when it comes to ASTM F442 burst testing and ASTM D2444 impact testing. It delivers the highest available pressure rating based on burst testing and delivers top impact resistance. That means that when a fire breaks out and the fire protection system must deliver, you can have faith that your CPVC piping will deliver.


Nobody Beats Our Backup

4. Chemical compatibility is a key indicator of whether a fire protection system can perform as required when used in conjunction with accompanying construction products such as thread sealers, gaskets and gasket lubricants, a variety of firestop products and cleaners, to name but a few. Our FBCTM System Compatible Program is the industry’s oldest and most comprehensive chemical compatibility program, providing installers and contractors the information they need about which ancillary products will work with BlazeMaster pipe and fittings – and which won’t. 

Third party testing to BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems standards and manufacturing audits must take place before products are approved for program. No material or manufacturing alterations are allowed, or products must be resubmitted for evaluation. Smart device apps and web pages are updated constantly – and include a list of incompatible products – for easy access in the field. No other brand of CPVC fire protection products goes to the depth and breadth of the FBC System Compatible Program. It truly is the industry’s gold standard.

5. BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems make it easy for you and your workforce to receive fast and reliable installation advice and support. Hands-on training is regularly scheduled at customer locations to support installers, contractors, engineers and construction managers – and online installation training makes it easy for those who can’t attend in person. Tech support is never more than a click away.

Want to learn more about how to pick the RIGHT orange CPVC fire protection system products? Download our new ebook today!

Choose the Right Orange