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Fire Protection in Hospitals: Does Your Facility Pass the Check-Up?

By: Lainey Liotta on March 3rd, 2020

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Fire Protection in Hospitals: Does Your Facility Pass the Check-Up?


BlazeMaster® CPVC is the ideal prescription for new construction or retrofitting hospital fire sprinkler systems. BlazeMaster CPVC may be used in any light hazard occupancies as defined by NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, which includes hospitals and healthcare facilities, office buildings, schools, theaters and places of worship.

Hospitals should have evacuation plans, ensure that all employees are trained to prevent and possibly even fight fires, and make certain that all potential firestopping materials have been properly installed. But every hospital, regardless of size, should also include a fire sprinkler system that can suppress a fire at its source before it has the chance to spread.

At one time, steel was the primary choice for fire sprinkler system pipe and fittings in hospitals, primarily due to its strength and resistance to heat. But CPVC, a lightweight thermoplastic, is more affordable and easier to install. Today, BlazeMaster CPVC is the most specified fire sprinkler pipe and fitting system of its type in the world. It is the material of choice in numerous hospital applications for a variety of reasons.


Benefits for Special Hospital Needs

Hospital MRI rooms present a unique challenge to fire sprinkler systems, and BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings are ideal for these applications. Because sensitive MRI equipment must be shielded from electrical and magnetic interference, non-ferrous materials must be used to protect this valuable life-saving equipment. This includes virtually all equipment in and around the room, including items such as furniture, medical accessories and fire sprinkler systems, including the sprinkler heads. In fact, special non-magnetic sprinkler heads from both Tyco and Viking have been developed for use in these areas.

Of course, BlazeMaster CPVC’s proven dependability makes it an excellent choice for the entire facility, including operating rooms, patient rooms, hallways and vulnerable areas such as kitchens and cafeterias, or where oxygen is used or stored.

BlazeMaster CPVC delivers dependable performance yet helps hospitals save on tight maintenance budgets by offering lower life cycle costs and eliminating corrosion and scaling issues that steel systems face. It also avoids potential pinholing that can create system leaks and lead to system failure. A BlazeMaster CPVC fire protection system also provides natural immunity to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), which may be caused by bacterial microbes within a metal-based system.


Choose the Right Orange

There are different brands of CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fittings; however, not all brands are alike.It’s important that you choose the right orange – BlazeMaster CPVC, the original CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fitting material.

While competitive brands of CPVC fire sprinkler products often struggle with the chemical compatibility of ancillary construction materials and aftermarket maintenance products, BlazeMaster CPVC offers the assurances of the Lubrizol Advanced Materials FBCTM System Compatible Program. This exclusive program certifies ancillary products that may come in contact with BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fitting via third party verification that includes formulation screening and rigorous physical testing. Manufacturers submit their products voluntarily for this program, and accepted products are given the right to display the exclusive FBC System Compatible Program mark on their labels and packaging.

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