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Call to Action: Check Out “Fire Sprinklers Buy Time; Time Buys Life” – New National Campaign from NFSA

By: Mark Knurek on June 11th, 2019

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Call to Action: Check Out “Fire Sprinklers Buy Time; Time Buys Life” – New National Campaign from NFSA

Industry News

We encourage you to check out a great new website, “Fire Sprinklers Buy Time, Time Buys Life,” which is the focus of a national campaign just announced by the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA).

In addition to the website, the campaign is backed by a national television commercial titled “What Used to Be” that underscores the reality of fires and potential devastation that fires can impose on families. It shows the effect of a fire on modern housing materials where fire sprinklers were not present – and illustrates how fire sprinklers can protect what fire will destroy.


Fire Sprinklers Protect Lives and Property

BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems congratulates NFSA for this timely campaign that serves to remind everyone about the danger of fire and how fire sprinkler protection systems are worthwhile investments both in new and existing homes. This is a fantastic tool for contractors to use when discussing fire protection systems with homeowners.

The website provides factual information such as:

  • Most US deaths from fire occur in homes
  • Occupants have less than five minutes to get out before a deadly flashover occurs
  • Cooking is the leading cause of home fires, followed by heating and electrical systems
  • Sprinklers are effective at controlling fires 92 percent of the time
  • Sprinklered homes have an 81 percent lower civilian death rate in reported fires compared to homes without sprinklers
  • Sprinklered homes suffer 58 percent less damage than non-sprinklered homes
  • Injuries in sprinkled homes are 31 percent lower and there are 79 percent fewer firefighter deaths than in non-sprinklered homes

In short, fire sprinklers buy time for a family to escape.

The site also allows visitors to register to receive a home fire protection guide.


A Small Cost, Huge Benefits

The ability to protect one’s family and treasured possessions has no price tag, but cost is always a question.

The website dispels myths of the high cost of fire sprinkler systems, noting that it adds approximately one to two percent of a new home – about $10 to $20 a month at a median US home price of $200,000.

BlazeMaster CPVC is the best choice for such a system, with significant advantages over steel in terms of cost and maintenance, and with significant advantages over other brands of CPVC piping by virtue of the extensive testing, reliability and the FBCTM System Compatible Program for chemical compatibility. 

Take the time to visit “Fire Sprinklers Buy Time, Time Buys Life.” It’s all about the industry getting the word out, and ultimately saving lives. There’s nothing more important than that.

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