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BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems – Always There with Best in Class Training

By: Mark Knurek on June 25th, 2019

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BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems – Always There with Best in Class Training

BlazeMaster vs. Generic

Fire sprinkler system failures in prominent hotel and apartment properties in Dallas and Baton Rouge over the past year are reminders of the need to understand key CPVC installation issues such as chemical compatibility. They’re also a reminder that nothing replaces training – even of the “refresher” variety – when it comes to fire protection system installation. Having the proper knowledge before, during and after installation is critical for all involved in designing, specifying, installing and servicing a fire sprinkler system.

That’s where the BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems Online Installation Training Program comes in. We believe that, by sharing basic information, best practices and decades of knowledge, everyone involved in installing BlazeMaster CPVC can best serve their customer and ultimately save lives and property. 


Information at Your Fingertips, and At Your Pace 

A seven-part course available in seven languages, the online modules are designed to familiarize you with the rich history of and facts about BlazeMaster CPVC, and is designed to help build confidence of all who use it. Students establish their own private account and work at their own pace through the following modules:

  • Latest on standards, codes and approvals
  • Installation best practices
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Cut and join methods
  • Design parameters
  • Special listings and circumstances
  • Practical training exercise

Each module includes a brief quiz. A perfect score is necessary before the next module may be accessed. You will be provided with a confirmation of completion once you have successfully navigated the course.

It’s also helpful to know that hands-on training from one of BlazeMaster CPVC’s manufacturing partners is also a great way to gain knowledge necessary to successfully design, install and manufacture a fire protection system. These courses are held regularly throughout the calendar year and often include a BlazeMaster CPVC technical expert to add support and product expertise.


Support is Always Just a Click Away 

Need to know more about chemical compatibility or need help with a technical issue? In addition to the online training course, BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems is always there for you with:

  • Lubrizol’s FBCTM System Compatible Program, which covers chemical compatibility for all its CPVC pipe and fitting products – BlazeMaster, FlowGuard®, Corzan® and TempRite® Technology brands. The original and most comprehensive program in the industry, it may also be accessed via apps for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Tech support, which provides fast response to your questions regarding material selection, project specifications, engineering design support, approvals and listings, product availability, new product and application development just by completing a form.

In the meantime, we invite you to register and participate in the BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems Online Installation Training Program today.

BlazeMaster Free Online Installation Training Program