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Be Sure You’re Buying the Best CPVC for Fire Sprinkler Systems

By: Lainey Liotta on October 20th, 2022

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Be Sure You’re Buying the Best CPVC for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Blazemaster CPVC  |  BlazeMaster vs. Generic

As a fire protection professional, you want to use the best CPVC to protect people and property for commercial and residential projects. You probably know that BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems offers important advantages over competing CPVC brands.

But we often hear from contractors who think that all orange CPVC is made with BlazeMaster compound, regardless of the manufacturer. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, we only sell our products to three manufacturers in North America: Viking, Tyco (Johnson Controls), and IPEX. If you buy pipe and fittings manufactured by another company, you’re not buying BlazeMaster pipe and fitting systems, the world’s most specified nonmetallic fire sprinkler system, and you won’t benefit from our science, service, safety promise.

It’s important to know what you are buying because, like with sprinkler heads, different brands of CPVC can have different listings and performance levels. BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems’ unique formulation allows it to outperform all other brands of CPVC pipe and fittings. Differences in manufacturing, material science and chemical processing among CPVC brands directly translate to performance and reliability disparities. BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems not only meet standards, codes and approvals, but in some cases exceed the requirements. Such is the case with burst and impact resistance testing.

Get the Best: BlazeMaster Pipe and Fitting Systems

Here are three ways you can be certain you get BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems:

  1. Know the manufacturers. In North America, BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are manufactured by three companies that meet our rigorous quality standards: Viking, Tyco (Johnson Controls), and IPEX in Canada. These companies have a proven track record in extruding and molding our compound into the highest quality pipe and fittings. If the pipe is not labeled with one of these three companies, it’s not BlazeMaster CPVC.
  2. Work with your distributors. Check to see if your distributor carries BlazeMaster pipe and fittings – and knows the difference with competing products. We can work with distributors to help them understand why the unique characteristics of BlazeMaster pipe and fittings are so important.
  3. Ask for BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems by name. It’s important to be specific so your distributor knows you’ll settle for nothing less.

With these simple steps, you can make sure you get BlazeMaster pipe and fitting systems – the foundation for a life-saving sprinkler system that will perform for decades. With over 2 billion feet of BlazeMaster pipe installed globally, BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems is the most widely specified non-metallic pipe in the world.

Making the Case for BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems

Here are five reasons BlazeMaster pipe and fittings are the most specified nonmetallic piping system in the world.

  1. Scientific Expertise. We listed CPVC for fire protection in 1983 and haven’t stopped innovating since. We take pride in our deep expertise in material science and chemical processing that ensures our pipe and fittings will perform when it matters most to protect people and property. That’s a key reason BlazeMaster pipe and fitting systems not only meet, but exceed, global performance and manufacturing standards for CPVC piping.
  2. Superior Performance. BlazeMaster pipe and fittings far outperform competition on burst and impact testing and are listed for more applications than any other non-metallic system. BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems were the first piping material on the market to meet the 4120-06 material classification under ASTM F422. While most competitive products meet only 4120-05 requirements, BlazeMaster CPVC meets them both. By meeting the pressure/temperature rating of 100 psi at 180°F required by the 4120-06 classification, BlazeMaster pipe and fitting systems offer an added strength and reliability.
  3. Unparalleled Training and Support. Our team offers deep expertise in working at the ground level with Authorities Having Jurisdiction, building owners, engineers, contractors and installers. We can guide you at each step in the process to advance from blueprint to finished product. We offer a variety of online and in-person training options to ensure installers understand best practices for ensuring a quality installation.
  4. Industry-Leading Resource on Chemical Capability. The FBC™ System Compatible Program, the oldest and most trusted chemical compatibility program in the industry, provides contractors and building owners with the information they need about which ancillary products will work with BlazeMaster CPVC – and which ones won’t. This program is exclusive to BlazeMaster pipe and fitting systems – it does not apply to other CPVC brands.
  5. Innovative Listings. Just like with sprinkler heads, listings vary among brands, so make sure you’re using the right material and referencing the installation guide for specific allowances. For instance, only BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are UL listed to be embedded in cast-in-place concrete. Another example: BlazeMaster CPVC can be used in unfinished basements with solid wood joists up to 40 feet while the competing brand is limited to 32 feet.

The quality of the CPVC in a fire sprinkler system can be a matter of life or death. Our commitment to science, service and safety ensures BlazeMaster pipe and fittings systems work as planned. To learn more about why all orange pipe is not created equal, download Choosing the Right Orange: CPVC Fire Protection Brand Comparison Guide.

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