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Are Compatibility Concerns Removed When Embedding BlazeMaster® CPVC in Concrete?

By: Sean Pearce on November 13th, 2020

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Are Compatibility Concerns Removed When Embedding BlazeMaster® CPVC in Concrete?

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BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems is the only CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fitting system with a UL listing for embedding in cast-in-place concrete during new construction.

In addition to whether or not our product is listed, one question we’re commonly asked is whether there are chemical compatibility concerns. The short answer – and it’s a good one – is NO, there are no chemical compatibility concerns when embedding BlazeMaster CPVC in concrete.

Direct contact with concrete has no adverse chemical effect on BlazeMaster CPVC, and there has never been a reported case of incompatibility with BlazeMaster CPVC regarding chemicals mixed with concrete over years of contact.

Always Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions


One way of assuring proper installation when installing in fresh or finished concrete is to follow the guidelines of our BlazeMaster CPVC manufacturing partners.

  • Always avoid contact with wire mesh or reinforcing bars used in concrete to prevent abrasion damage to BlazeMaster CPVC.
  • Pressure test the installation prior to pouring the concrete if embedding pipe joints in concrete.
  • Avoid movement during the pouring process by securing pipes. Nonabrasive plastic fasteners may be used. Ensure that the pipe does not move during the pouring process.
  • Ensure that the pipe is not damaged by tools and/or equipment used in the pouring and finishing process.
  • Thermal expansion and/or contraction are not issues for the BlazeMaster CPVC pipe embedded in concrete. However, expansion and contraction must be designed for regarding the sections NOT embedded in concrete to allow for stress at these points, which could damage pipe where it enters and exits the concrete.

Still Concerned About Chemical Compatibility?


Never taking anything for granted is the sign of a careful installer – and that’s a good thing. Ensuring chemical compatibility is all of our concern, and we’re always here to help.

While embedding BlazeMaster CPVC in traditional concrete or in chemically treated concrete is not an issue today – and we are not aware of any problems regarding BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings and concrete or chemicals that have been added to the concrete – we realize that construction materials can and will change over time.

We pride ourselves in keeping the Lubrizol Advanced Materials FBCTM System Compatible Program current to help with all of your chemical compatibility questions or concerns. But please remember – the products that have FBC System Compatibility certification are designated as such only for BlazeMaster CPVC in the fire protection industry.

Beyond that, should you be concerned about chemical compatibility, contact Lubrizol or the manufacturer of the chemical in question to confirm chemical compatibility.

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