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Distinguish the myths of CPVC piping from the facts.

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Discover the top six misconceptions about CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems believed by many fire protection professionals, and why they aren't true.

Since the launch of BlazeMaster® CPVC fire protection systems in 1984, over 2 billion feet of piping has been installed in over 60 countries worldwide.

Despite these facts, some installers, specifiers, builders and architects might still hold misconceptions of CPVC.  In this free slide deck, you'll see why commonly said things about CPVC are untrue, such as:

  • "It's expensive and difficult to install"
  • "It's susceptible to failure"
  • "It won't perform as well as steel in an emergency"
  • "It's not approved by industry bodies"


Know why a time tested material like CPVC has been safely used in fire protection to assure lives and property for decades. 

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