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Mastering CPVC


Watch our 50 minute RIBA accredited CPD video, which covers how sprinkler systems work, fire statistics in the UK, fire tests for plastic fire sprinkler systems and system advantages compared to steel.

The BlazeMaster Podcast

Welcome to the BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems podcast, featuring discussions, interviews and information about the fire safety industry.

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Series Highlights
Legislation Podcast Series - Join us for a special five-part podcast series in which we discuss the biggest change to happen to UK building legislation in a generation. Over the course of the series, we speak to some of the UK’s leading experts in fire safety, from installation to design and distribution, to campaigners who laid the groundwork for this momentous legislation.
Solvent Cement and CPVC: Putting Safety to the Test - Is solvent cement harmful, for both installers and potential customers nearby, when used for long periods of time? We commissioned a study to find out.


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