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Fire Service Week 2022

Fire Hero Initiative

BlazeMaster® Fire Protection System, in association with Mumbai Fire Brigade & Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI), presents Fire Service Week 2022 video series. This Fire Service Week Initiative aims to spread awareness of awareness about Fire Safety & Role of Advanced Fire Protection systems among civilians. 

In this video, Mumbai Fire Brigade's CFO Shri Hemant Parab Speaks about Fire Service Week Which was observed from from 14th April to 20th April every year. During this week, Mumbai Fire Brigade organizes various events, demos, etc.

Fire Protection System Maintenance 
Mr. Anil Bhanage is a Fire Fighter at Mumbai Fire Brigade. He is concerned with the traditional metal fire systems getting used even in the massive infrastructure development these days. Mr. Anil recommends installing Fire Protection Systems in new buildings to prevent fire incidents.
In this video, Mumbai Fire Brigade's Fire Fighter Anil Bhanage talks about Fire Protection System Maintenance. He also appeals to people to install advanced fire protection systems like Blaze Master CPVC Fire Protecting System, which is easy to install & maintain. And advises to keep training residents and supporting staff on how to operate these systems. This will help to keep them ready to operate fire-protecting equipment while the fire brigade arrives. He also recommends to
  • Install Fire Protecting & Fighting System.
  • Install Smoke Detectors.
  • Keep Maintaining these systems regularly.
  • Keep the parking area clear.
  • Keep the staircase unobstructed and clear for easy escape.
  • In case of emergency, Keep the driveway area clear.
  • Do not keep the hazardous chemicals in society premises.
Electrical Fire Safety Precautions
Mr. Rohan More is Senior Station Officer at Mumbai Fire Brigade. He believes that basic carelessness becomes the reason for a fire incident in most cases. Reasons like loose contacts of electrical components, electric overload, and cheap quality electric material can cause you great loss.
In this video, Mumbai Fire Brigade's Fire Officer, Mr. Rohan talks about Electrical Fire Safety. As precautions, he emphasizes on:
  • Using ISI certified electric equipment
  • Switching off electric appliances after use
  • Perform regular power plant audits
  • Install CVC pipes wor wire connectivity
LPG Fire Safety Precautions
Mr. Uttam Bhagat is a Fire Officer at Mumbai Fire Brigade. He is discussing the fire incidents caused by LPG cylinders. According to him, a small mistake with an LPG cylinder can cause a massacre. Hence, everyone must know the precautions and Do’s/Don’t to prevent such mishappenings.
In this video, Mumbai Fire Brigade's Fire Officer Uttam Bhagat talks about LPG Fire Safety. He is elaborating on: