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Somdev Balguri

Meet Mr. Somdev Balguri,

He is one of India's first contractors to install the Blazemaster. He holds the esteemed position of the Managing Director of Hitech Security Systems.

The BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire protection system is a premium solution with an undisputed reputation across the globe. Despite the growing popularity of CPVC pipes for Fire Sprinklers, many people remain in the dark about the potential advantages of the system over conventional metal pipes. We spoke to Mr. Somdev Balguri on this matter. Hear him share his thoughts about the benefits of CPVC fire protection systems and how it offers an incredible edge over metal pipes. BlazeMaster® CPVC pipes are BIS approved and have obtained UL listing as they reach the benchmark performance in CPVC pipe standards. The innovative piping solution brings incremental savings in time and costs with a promise awarded to it by several global certification agencies.

In this video, Mr. Somdev Balguri explains how CPVC fire protection systems prove to be an effective substitute for metal pipes and the various facets in favour of installing them.

From Mr. Somdev Balguri, we understood that CPVC based Fire Protection Systems like BlazeMaster® are designed with supreme efficiency, making them a successful alternative to metal piping systems. As highlighted by him, here are the prime advantages of CPVC pipes.