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By: BlazeMaster EMEA on Jul 11, 2023 8:30:03 AM
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BlazeMaster Offer Protection for Manchester’s New Chapel Wharf Project

The main contractor knew from the start of the 955-apartment Chapel Wharf development that a fire protection system would be a key feature in the minds of would-be occupiers and tenants.

The building complex in the heart of Manchester consists of four towers that range between 13 and 22 stories high, fronting the River Irwell and standing next to the slopes of the The Edge buildings – part of a major redevelopment by Dandara. The buildings utilize a cutting edge open plan layout to maximise living space on a 4.4 acre former brownfield site.

The decision to utilize a CPVC fire protection system was made based on the fact that the material is innovative, cost effective, lightweight and in line with legislative requirements.


UK Sprinklers Recommends BlazeMaster® CPVC

UK Sprinklers was chosen to complete the fire sprinkler installation works – and their first choice of material was BlazeMaster® CPVC piping and fittings. UK Sprinklers has utilized BlazeMaster CPVC for the past seven years, and is a Rapid Response partner for BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fitting manufacturer Johnson Controls.

A tight timeline was not a concern for UK Sprinklers, who knew that because of BlazeMaster CPVC’s lightweight nature and reputation for reliability and that a quick clean installation could be accomplished in approximately three to four months.


Teamwork Results in On-Time Project

Johnson Controls ensured that delivery of BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings were on time and offered support to UK Sprinklers when needed. As only hand tools are required along with battery drills, installation for the fire sprinkler system was fast and smooth. That’s rarely the case with steel pipework, which requires threading machines, torches and hot work permits.

All timescales and schedules were met, enabling the project to remain on schedule with a minimum of inconvenience. This resulted in a satisfied customer.

Click below to learn more about how BlazeMaster CPVC was installed at the Chapel Wharf project.

BlazeMaster UK Chapel Wharf Case Study