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A fire sprinkler retrofit made easy with BlazeMaster® CPVC

A fire sprinkler retrofit made easy with BlazeMaster® CPVC

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To upgrade their fire fighting system, a resort in Dindi chose to go forward with a retrofitting job. This resort is at a picturesque location of West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. The property accommodates 60 rooms in total and the restaurant is the busiest part of the resort.

The restaurant begins at 4:00 AM every day and runs until 1:00 AM. Retrofitting had to be done in the restaurant of this busy resort. Minimum disturbance to the guest and least damage to the resort were the highest priority. Strict timelines were to be followed to ensure that the work was completed within a few days. Thus, BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems became an ideal choice. 



The project was awarded to Moray Fire and Safety, which has a reputation of meeting the customer's expectation in every project. Mr. Jagadeesh Kumar, Managing Director of Moray Fire and Safety said “The resort is on a private property which witnesses a huge footfall throughout the calendar. A lot of travelers and vacationers visit this resort as the area is blessed with the beauty of Eastern Ghats. It was necessary to complete the job quickly as it was not ideal for the owners of the resort to keep the restaurant closed for a long period of time.”

blazemaster retrofit case study


Moray Fire and Safety stepped up to this challenge. Mr. Kumar said, “When the owner of this resort came to us for this retrofitting project, we made sure that we used the system best suited for this kind of job. After doing some market research and a few conversations with other consultants, we immediately considered BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems.”


A Non-metallic option

BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems is a popular choice for retrofitting jobs as it requires less manpower and have minimal installation time. While talking about this requirement, Mr. Kumar said, The owners were impressed with the advantages of the BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems. BlazeMaster being a non-metallic piping option made, the whole fire sprinkler system lighter which was a key reason for the client's happiness and satisfaction. The non-corrosive property of BlazeMaster meant that it was highly durable and required low maintenance."

Mr. Jagadeesh also mentioned,  “Owner wanted a fool-proof system that was a trusted and reliable name in the global market hence BlazeMaster CPVC Fire Sprinkler System was suggested to them. BlazeMaster is backed by Lubrizol’s legacy of 60 years in CPVC technology and is the most specified non-metallic fire-sprinkler system in the world. This fact made us confident with the product and also assured the owners of the property too.” 


Internationally Recognized

BlazeMaster CPVC technology also carries an extensive list of approvals and certifications from both national and international certifying agencies. “Taking a look at the approvals and listings  helped us make the decision swiftly.'' said Mr. Jagadeesh Kumar. The fire pipes used in this project as a part of the BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems are approved by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and UL (Underwriter Laboratories). Lighter equipment, quick assembly ,easy to handle tools and machinery are few of the many advantages of BlazeMaster CPVC.

The most important reason to select BlazeMaster® CPVC was because of its unique characteristics that made sure it caused minimal damage to the existing interiors with no disturbance caused to the guests.



BlazeMaster System is currently used in the restaurant located in the Admin building of the resort. It was Moray Fire & Security, the consultants and fire experts for the project who specified BlazeMaster CPVC.

Mr. Jagadeesh, who trusted BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems for this resort, finally concluded by adding, “The trust of Lubrizol, a Berkshire Hathaway Company and the assurance of safety and reliability by the BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems team helped us in making this decision. It also helped us in making the restaurant of this resort a fire compliant establishment which would be safe for the guests and the staff alike.”

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