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Here’s Where CPVC Pipes are Used to Save Lives

Here’s Where CPVC Pipes are Used to Save Lives

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BlazeMaster CPVC is specified around the world for life-saving fire sprinkler installation projects. Some of the most ambitious transformative projects have taken place right here in India.

BlazeMaster CPVC is suitable for residential, commercial and government buildings because of its industry leading heat, corrosion and bacterial resistance. Its strength and hydraulic capabilities are unrivalled by other nonmetallic systems and its light weight, flexibility and ease of installation surpasses steel systems for businesses under tight time and budgetary pressures.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading examples of BlazeMaster CPVC projects here in India.

High Rise Launch in Hyderabad

Hyderabad High-rise

One of the principal residential complexes in Hyderabad was in search of a new fire safety solution that coincided with the affluent high end image the residence was known for. All 145 flats were fitted with BlazeMaster CPVC sprinklers.

A collaborative approach was required to supply fire sprinklers to these high-rise buildings, which would incorporate some metal piping.

The main conditions were:

  • The system must comply with international standards
  • It must be durable and long-lasting
  • It must be easy to install to minimise disruption

The hassle-free installation process using solvent cement instead of heat welding made installation quick and stress free, saving the project a significant amount of time. CPVC also gave installers the flexibility to install pipes in such a way that it would not encroach on the lavish image of the residence.

Resort Retrofit in Dindi

Resort Retrofit

A restaurant in a busy holiday resort in Andhra Pradesh required a fire safety solution that was trusted with a proven reputation in the global market.

BlazeMaster CPVC was therefore recommended following its legacy of 60 years in CPVC innovation and its success in fire safety projects around the world.

In a busy hospitality setting, where diaries are full throughout the year, fire safety solutions must demonstrate compliance to local national and international standards, particularly where busy kitchens that work around the clock are concerned.

Contractors Moray Fire and Safety, as well as Mr Jagadeesh of the Dindi resort trusted BlazeMaster CPVC for its durability, low maintenance and exceptional corrosion resistance. BlazeMaster CPVC is approved by BIS and UL and is exceptional in quick retrofit solutions such as this.

Sarla Corporate Park in Mumbai


The famous Sarla Park building in Mumbai is home to many commercial entities that require a safe, professional facility to operate in, every day of the week.

Due to developing fire safety legislation in India, building owners were required to bolster their heavy duty hydrant system with an additional fire sprinkler system throughout the building.

The main priority here was a nuisance free installation with no disturbance during or after the project. Installation must be carried out quickly and smoothly without delay, so that business at Sarla Park could continue, uninterrupted.

Building owners quickly changed their specification from GI pipes to CPVC pipes, thanks to the extremely safe, quiet and efficient process of solvent cement welding. Metal pipes are notoriously noisy during installation, not to mention risky in terms of fire hazards, particularly when occupants are present.

With supporting certifications and approvals from NFPA, UL, FM and BIS, Sarla Park business owners were assured that BlazeMaster CPVC was the ideal choice for this major commercial retrofit.

Luxury Hotel Upgrade, Pune Resort

International Hotel Chain

This luxury hotel in Koregaon Park Annexe, Pune, is in close proximity to the airport as well as several corporate and commercial business complexes. It therefore hosts thousands of travellers per day. 199 hotel suites needed retrofitting with fire sprinkler technology.

Hotels and accommodation of this nature hosts new customers, sometimes in their thousands, throughout the year. Maintenance issues are therefore a significant drawback.

MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion) is a common threat to the safety and performance of piping systems and can sometimes lead to expensive repairs, retrofitting and subsequent disturbances to occupants.

The developer team in charge of this project turned to BlazeMaster CPVC to ensure that the property continues to adhere to safety standards and protocol suitable to this global hotel chain.

BlazeMaster CPVC was the obvious choice, with approvals from UL, ASTM and BS 16088. Building owners and tenants were assured that not only would correct safety measures be achieved but ongoing long-term maintenance requirements would be minimised.

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