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Five Reasons Why CPVC Pipe for Fire Sprinkler Systems Makes Sense

Five Reasons Why CPVC Pipe for Fire Sprinkler Systems Makes Sense

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In business, every cost, every spending activity and every investment must be justified. The construction, property and fire safety industries are no different.

BlazeMaster CPVC is the most specified nonmetallic fire safety material in the world because of its many fire safety benefits but it also makes total business sense.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why contractors in India today are positioning their business to succeed by specifying BlazeMaster CPVC.

1 CPVC pipes save time

Traditional steel and most plastic materials require heat welding to install. It can take a significant portion of time to fuse pipes and joints together, after which they need to cool and set before they can be put into position. In addition to this, the time required to get materials from suppliers to the construction site can be a laborious task, especially if heavy metallic pipes have been selected.

BlazeMaster CPVC is a lightweight, durable plastic material that does not require any heavy machinery to install, saving time and reducing time related costs. A solvent cement welded BlazeMaster CPVC joint is molecularly fused within minutes, creating a strong permanent bond without delay.

2 CPVC pipes save money

BlazeMaster CPVC's inherent strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance is the key to its longevity.

Don’t waste time revisiting client projects with awkward, difficult repairs and system replacements which will cost your business opportunities to grow further within the market.

Install a fire sprinkler system first time, that is designed for a 50 year service life with natural immunity to many types of corrosion. This protects your systems, your business and your reputation, as well as your finances in the long run.

3 CPVC pipes are safe

Installers using BlazeMaster CPVC only require basic hand tools to complete their job. Create a safer work environment with no heat welding tools or electronic equipment, reducing the level of hazards in the community and preventing the need to relocate occupants, especially vulnerable people.

Creating a safer work environment for your team as well as your clients strengthens the reputation of your business in the community, enabling you to take on more projects at the same time without compromising safety.

4 CPVC pipes are sustainable

It is arguable that above all industries today, construction industries must demonstrate the most stringent standards of sustainability, particularly when it comes to manufacturing new materials.

BlazeMaster CPVC requires less energy to manufacture than alternatives. It also requires less energy to install.

Transport costs and wastage is minimised, while remaining CPVC can be recycled. Specifying CPVC now, is a strong long-term investment in the sustainability commitments of your business as it grows.

5 CPVC pipes are proven

Switching to BlazeMaster CPVC from traditional steel is not a risk on a new unproven material that does not have successful use cases. In India, BlazeMaster CPVC has already been installed in major local landmarks, as well as residences, commercial buildings and government buildings around the world for decades.

The earliest example of CPVC in a water distribution environment dates back to the 1960s. BlazeMaster CPVC is designed for a 50 year service life, which has already been demonstrated successfully around the world.

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