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In many cases, the balancing act between architecture, design and compliance can be a difficult one.

Meeting all safety requirements and codes of practice in construction can be a difficult task when building owners and businesses want to portray a very specific image, or guarantee its customers a unique experience. A good example of this is in the case of fire sprinklers.

The city of Hyderabad is an exciting hub of residential development. One of its most ambitious high-rise building projects was required to include fire sprinkler systems in conjunction with existing metal piping. BlazeMaster CPVC was specified for this project.

As well as maintaining an affluent luxury image befitting of the property, the new fire sprinkler system was required to rise to a number of challenges:

  • Follow international safety standards
  • Be durable and long-lasting
  • Be easy to install
  • Minimise maintenance requirements
  • Integrate with metal pipes and fittings

Let’s take a look at how BlazeMaster CPVC met each one of these challenges in the Hyderabad high-rise building project.

International Reputation

BlazeMaster CPVC has been specified around the world in fire sprinkler projects thanks to its 60 year legacy in CPVC innovation through Lubrizol.

It carries approvals and listings by the likes of NFPA, UL, FM and BIS for properties such as multi-family residences, high-rise tower blocks, hospitality, schools and more.

Long Lasting Fire Safety

BlazeMaster CPVC is made from chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, an inherently chlorine resistant material which keeps its unrivalled tensile strength and hydraulic capabilities in a variety of pipe sizes.

It is designed for a 50 year service life thanks to its molecular strength as well as the strong permanent bond between pipes and fittings, formed using solvent cement.

Ease of Installation

BlazeMaster CPVC can be installed without disruption in a retrofit environment. A strong permanent bond using solvent cement can be formed within minutes, without heat welding or heavy electrical machinery.

This reduces the number of safety hazards in the building and the associated safety risks to installers and occupants.

Maintenance Free Fire Safety

Thanks to its exceptional resistance to MIC (microbial induced corrosion,) BlazeMaster CPVC maintains its pressure bearing capabilities and material strength for decades at a time.

This minimises maintenance requirements and costs building owners significantly less in the long run, in terms of delays and disturbances, especially when it comes to accommodation.

Can CPVC be Integrated with Metal?

To some, installing nonmetallic fire sprinkler materials is still a new concept. To the contractors on the Hyderabad high-rise project, integration with existing metal piping on the property was an efficient and fruitful collaboration:

“To be honest, the use of non-metallic pipes in a fire safety system is a fairly new idea. The residential project has used Mild Steel Pipes too, in a few places of the building. Hence, the use of CPVC pipes with the MS pipes was a collaborative effort towards fire safety.”

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