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Partnering with You to Deliver the Reassurance of a Fire Protection System

BlazeMaster® chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a specially engineered thermoplastic that has been relied on for decades to save lives and property by quickly suppressing and extinguishing fires.

With successful installations in commercial and residential buildings around the world, building owners and contractors continue to request BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems because they are:

  • Easy to install quickly, quietly and securely.
  • Less costly to install than other piping systems.
  • Versatile, requiring less space for installation.
  • Flame resistant maintaining critical performance when exposed to intense heat.
  • Lightweight and durable, which reduces installer fatigue and accidents.
  • Inherently resistant to pitting and corrosion, lowering maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Approved for use by all the major listings and approval organizations, including The LPCB, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and NSF International.

Initial installation and overall lifecycle value makes BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems the superior choice to both metals and other non-metal systems.


Where to Buy BlazeMaster® CPVC

BlazeMaster CPVC compound is engineered and manufactured by Lubrizol Advanced Materials and then molded and made widely available by our network of partner manufacturers.

Each of our partner manufacturers are selected for their proven track record of producing the highest quality pipe and fittings. They are also required to satisfy BlazeMasters’ Quality Assurance Program, which ensures you purchase the highest quality pipe and fittings available. Learn more about our partner manufacturers.

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CPVC vs Steel: Which is More Cost Effective?

This 2018 cost-saving report will give you insight into previous installations, illustrating how installers have saved time and money with CPVC systems.

Download the Cost-Savings Report

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